New Life

At a point of time life gets routine and boring, how much ever we love what we do, things do feel mundane at certain point. One of my consultant says you have to keep it interesting, challenge yourself, see cases you cant solve…

Well things got really frustrating when I had to finish my thesis in rush, I had to find joy! So I decided I had to find a hobby I can do. So took over growing plants in the house. I love plants. I grew up in a house full of plants, use to sit on a tree most of the afternoons on leisure days and use to steal guavas from neighbouring house, doesn’t qualify to steal, they couldn’t reach there and I could and I ate right in front of them😀 so…that cant be called stealing! At a point house owner whom we call ‘thathagaru’, was growing vegetables..bottle guard, cucumber, chillies, tomatoes. It is my favourite house I lived in till today and I dream of living again that way, which really seems impossible right now with rapidly disappearing or sky high cost independent houses and no time even for self care(mental health or for that matter physical too!) type busy lives.

First thing was to make sure plants already there had to survive. There weren’t too many to start with so I decided I can allow myself to buy 3 plants and make sure they survive before I get more. Being me I bought 5, after trying really hard to control my temptation. Night queen plant started having problems or so I felt, as the leaves were getting curled. Read articles on net and decided to visit nursery again to make sure whats wrong… bought 2 more pots home! Obviously and with out a doubt my rose plant died and my husband got all the fun of ‘i told you so’. He was taking care of what ever 3 plants(left by previous tenants) were there before i jumped in and he was sure cactus was all that could survive us :(. Of all, he is damn sure rose wont survive. I am yet to prove him wrong as my second attempt at rose failed too. Took his advise and bought marigold as he thought it can survive easily. The first to die even before my first rose plant was marigold! Later I discovered my crysanthimum plant was dying slowly and tried pruning. One fine day my husband told me it got fungus.:o I thought I was doing something other than dealing with diseases. That was the day I realised I am still doing what I do but just that no one is going to beat me up when one of them dies. I tried removing all the fungus infected part and followed all the weird advises online (like our patients I too googled for diseases). Anyway it died and then I went back to nursery and spoke to the care taker and apparently, most possibly I was watering my plants more. I was depressed and worried that I would kill another plant so that day no pots came home (few of them were very tempting). I started watering my plants on alternate days. As I am prone to forget when I last watered them, I fixed days on which I would water them so that I wont leave them with out water for too long. From now on I speak to care taker before I bring a plant home about how to care for it and also google (how unsettled are we when it comes to trust!).

The next venture.. I don’t remember how it got into my head, I was going to grow coriander. I researched a lot about it before I sowed. One information which was hard to find was if the coriander seeds we use for cooking can be sowed. So, I am telling you we can after my huge research on it. The joy when they sprouted first can’t be put in words. My phone is filled with photos of young coriander sprouts. They are very beautiful, I could stare at them for hours… (Just like babies!!…I am just venturing into medicine in different species…I am not sure how I feel about that…)

My phone could not capture their beauty, or I don’t know photography, which ever. After I successfully sprouted coriander, I decided I should sow tomato and chilli too. When I started reading about growing tomatoes is when I realised why growing in pots is such a challenge. I couldn’t gather enough guts to sow tomato…all the articles said it was tricky. So I went ahead and sowed chilli. I realised late, I shouldn’t have sowed in bunch I will be transplanting them soon before they die.

Chilli seedling

Coriander grew tall and and well just the seedling grew tall and they started bending and dying… my heart broke looking at them die one after the other… I decided I had sowed too shallow and put a new batch… they too sprouted for sure but are all bent now… I am worried sick they will die too… I will speak to expert before sowing next batch😦.

I am finding out new problems everyday and solving them but flowering plants relentlessly are just dying, but outside my balcony they will grow anywhere and every where and even have flowers!

seriously? pipe?

I decided to plant some such plants and they just started having leaves and sure to not disappoint me they are growing well :).


Money plant sure was very nice and grew well, for that matter I decided to trim as it was looking dirty and planted the cut part of leaves in new pot, it was dormant for many days, I thought it would die and the miracle happened.

Mother money plant🙂


Cut leaves getting new leaves, the small bends on the sides are new leaves.

I know the post has become very long but I am just getting to the most exciting part, another miracle. A tiny bird decided to build its next above my plants, though I am still vary that once its eggs hatch it might not let me water my plants properly, I decided I will take my chances.

I could not click a picture of the bird and now I think it has laid eggs so all I can see is its tail in the nest all the time. I don’t know its name either, and google is not getting my description. May be I can click the pics of babies, hopefully with out getting poked by mother, that would be exciting. I hope at least I get a glimpse of them if not picture.

So my new hobby is quite absorbing and exciting though it is fraught with same perils as my work. I have realised even more clearly how powerful microbes and fungus are (We are doomed to extinction, we are like dinosaurs in front of microbes). Probably plant life will also become as small as the size of microbes. Small is more powerful than big! I have witnessed the miracle of life, every new life is such a joy to watch. I have witnessed beauty of nature and how fragile it is balanced on how we behave with each other; mutualistic symbiosis or parasitic symbiosis. Humans are undoubtedly parasites…but I decided I will behave, and I will try to be mutualistic as much as possible, of-course I will be parasitised but I like the new species I am learning from. Will update on my coriander and chilli plant dream progress, I will succeed and I will have a rose plant in my house and I will post it. I just don’t know how long is the wait going to be….and how many are going to die before I succeed😦

Oh wait the night queen (cestrum nocturnum) is finally recovering and getting new leaves🙂 happy new beginnings, they are beautiful, but it is the sustaining part that gets us, isn’t it?IMG_20160818_170423.jpg